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The Energa Group’s Environmental Policy

The third edition approved by resolution of the Board Energa SA No. 77 / IV / 2015 on 30 July 2015

“The ENERGA Group, managed by ENERGA SA, is a major Polish energy company. Its operations include generation, distribution and sale of electricity and heat. The ENERGA Group is a leading producer of hydroenergy and has the largest share among major energy groups in Poland in electricity generation from renewable sources in terms of the overall electricity production volume.

Primary operating Segments of the Group include:

  • Generation Segment, comprising generation assets operating as RES, power plants and co-generation plants operating within the nationwide power system. The installed generation capacity is based on a variety of energy carriers, such as hard coal, water, biomass and wind. The Segment generates green energy from run-of the-river and pumped-storage hydroelectric plants, wind turbines and biomass-fired plants.
  • The Distribution Segment, holding thousands of kilometres of power lines in northern and central Poland, uses them to transmit electricity to end-users.
  • The Sales Segment, selling electricity and providing customer service both to private and business customers.

The Group's mission, namely to improve living and working comfort of our customers, is pursued through value creation for all stakeholders of the Group.

The Group's vision is to develop an efficient and innovative group, flexible in adapting to market conditions.

Consequently, limitation of environmental impacts represents one of the cornerstones of the strategy stipulating the Group's retention of its leading position among Polish power undertakings.

Meeting this challenge in a sustainable way is to be ensured through structural and investment activities, in particular:

  • taken by the Distribution Segment, such as:
    • extension of the network in relation to new end-users being connected,
    • upgrades to improve reliability of supply and limit transmission losses,
    • development and upgrade to ensure RES connection,
    • implementation of smart metering systems and other constituents of smart grids;

  • taken by the Generation Segment, such as:
    • upgrade of equipment to improve generation and energy efficiency,
    • development of co-generation as an efficient method of energy generation,
    • development of RES (wind farms, photovoltaics, biomass, hydrogeneration) and low-emission sources (combined-cycle units),
    • development of distributed generation sources and support to customers being energy producers (prosumers),
    • limitation of heat transmission losses;

  • taken by the Sales Segment, such as:
    • regarding management of customer relations, development of ICT infrastructure, to enable remote interaction and implementation of new products.

  • ENERGA SA declares:
    • legal compliance with environmental protection laws,
    • drive to embrace its operations by sustainable development principles enshrined in international laws to the greatest possible extent,
    • monitoring of environmental impacts and improvement of outcomes of its environmental activities, as well as management using the best available techniques,
    • involvement in environmental education and eco-friendly initiatives.

All employees are aware of the actions and requirements under this Policy”.

The tool to comply with the declarations made by the ENERGA Group is the Environmental Management Plan. The Plan establishes environmental management principles, in particular regarding:

  • identification and assessment of legal (environmental) compliance,
  • identification of environmental aspects and environmental hazard assessment,
  • environmental communication and education,
  • auditing and planning for follow-up and preventive actions,
  • review of management and reporting as performed by the Group's companies for the Management Board of ENERGA SA.

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