0.5 GW

installed RES capacity

1,4 TWh

electricity production in H1 2020

1.38 GWe

of which 39% are RES in H1 2020

Energa generates electricity and heat, and it transmits heat to its customers. Water, wind, biomass, solar radiation and coal are all used to produce electricity. The company has:

Hydro power plants

  • Włocławek (162 MW)
  • Smaller generation entities (40 MW)
  • Pumped storage plant in Żydowo (157 MW)

5 wind farms (total capacity of 211 MW, including Karścino – 90 MW)

PV farm near Gdańsk (1.6 MWe) and in Czernikowo near Toruń (3,8 MWe)

System power plant in Ostrołęka B (690 MWe, 220 MWt)

Other CHP plants (82 MWe, 441 MWt)

Energa boasts the highest share of renewable energy in own production out of all energy groups in Poland.

The generation leader is Energa OZE.

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Piotr Meler – President of the Management Board

Krzysztof Kurt – Vice-President of the Management Board

Bartłomiej Marchut  - Vice-President of the Management Board 

Romualda Gałązewska –Vice-President of the Management Board