Paula Ziemiecka-Księżak

Member of Supervisory Board

Graduated from the Leon Koźmiński Entrepreneurship and Management College. In 1996 employed in the Ministry of the State Treasury. She worked in the oversight departments for State Treasury-owned companies. She supervised companies from the road transportation, marine shipping and power sectors. She currently is a sub-department head in the Supervision Department at the Ministry of Energy. Her scope of duties comprises supervision of overall economic and legal issues associated with the activity of State Treasury-owned companies from, among others, the black coal mining and power sector. In addition, she gathered experience associated with corporate governance since 2002 discharging functions in the supervisory bodies of such companies as SIP-MOT SA in Zamość, PKS Ostrołęka SA and Opakomet SA with its registered office in Płock. She has been acting in the capacity of the ENERGA SA Supervisory Board Chairperson since 12 November 2015.