Edition 5, approved by resolution of the Management Board of Energa SA No. 698/V/2017 of 21 August 2017

“The Energa Group, managed by Energa SA, is a major Polish energy company.
 Its activities include the generation, distribution (transmission over electricity networks) of electricity, electricity trading (sale to wholesalers and end customers), sale of gas and lighting services, as well as the generation, distribution and sale of heat. ENERGA Group is a leading producer of hydropower and has the largest share of all major energy groups in Poland in electricity generation from renewable sources in terms of the overall electricity production and distribution volume.

The core business segments of the Group include:

  1. a) the Generation Segment, covering generation assets with an installed capacity of 1.37 GWe, including a baseload plant 
    in Ostrołęka, CHP plants in Elbląg, Kalisz, Żychlin and Winnica and a heat plant in Wyszogród, a network composed of dozens hydroelectric power stations, including in Włocławek and Żydowo, as well as wind farms and solar parks. This segment additionally manages district heating networks in Ostrołęka, Kalisz and Żychlin.
  2. b) the Distribution Segment, which has 184,000 km of power lines in northern and central Poland, and uses them to transmit 21.5 TWh of electricity annually to end-users.
  3. c) the Sales Segment, selling electricity and providing customer service to almost 3 million private and business customers.
    It also provides street, city and infrastructure lighting services.

The Group’s mission statement: “We develop while delivering the best solutions to our customers” is the cornerstone of its strategy 
and actions.

The Group’s vision is to sustainably pursue the objectives of its shareholders, customers, employees and its environment, based on reliable and
advanced infrastructure and tailored offering and services, respecting the environment and the principles of social responsibility.

The commitment to preventing pollution and minimisation of environmental impacts are the basic tools used to maintain the leading position among Polish power undertakings. This objective is pursued by organisational measures and
investments, in particular:

  1. a) in the area of generation:

- upgrading of equipment to improve generation and energy efficiency,

- rational use of RES (wind farms, photovoltaics, biomass, hydropower) and low-emission sources (combined-cycle units),

- rational use of energy resources, including as part of public projects aimed at guaranteeing energy security and countering risks of natural disasters (such as the construction of a barrage and power plant on the Vistula River),

- reduction of heat transmission losses.

  1. b) in the area of distribution:

- upgrading and development of electricity infrastructure to improve reliability of supply and reduce transmission losses, including projects improving power transfers over the grid and effective use of the grid,

- upgrading and development of electricity infrastructure to support new connections,

- implementation of smart metering systems and other constituents of smart grids.

  1. c) in the area of trading and sales:

 - regarding customer relationship management – development of ICT infrastructure to enable remote interaction and implementation of new service products,

- development of distributed generation sources and support to customers as energy producers (prosumers),

- support to public infrastructure managers with regard to access to innovative energy solutions (lighting),

- demand management to support rational energy use,

- commitment to acting towards innovative energy production and storage.

Energa SA declares that it:

- complies with legal requirements and meets its stakeholder obligations relating to the environment and energy,

- respects biodiversity and lives the principles of sustainable development,

- monitors environmental impacts, prevents pollution, improves its environmental outcomes, and uses the best available management techniques,

- monitors key energy uses and strives to improve its energy performance through the proper operation of its infrastructure, investment and upgrading projects and buying energy efficient products and services,

- is committed to environmental education, eco-friendly initiatives and energy efficiency measures.

All employees are aware of the measures being taken and the requirements of this Environmental Policy.”