Sustainable Development and Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy of the Energa Group


1.1. The sustainable development and corporate social responsibility strategy of the ENERGA Group is aligned to the “ENERGA Group’s Strategy for 2013-2020” with its objective being to provide support by propagating and monitoring the execution of CSR-related goals in the ENERGA Group.

1.2. The CSR strategy applies to all ENERGA Group Companies.


2.1. The CSR strategy is made up of two strategic levels:

1) the level of business pillars complementing the objectives defined in the “ENERGA Group’s Strategy for 2013-2020”;

2) the level of support pillars encompassing employee matters and social activities undertaken by the ENERGA Group and its various Companies.

2.2. The overall strategic approach brings together the umbrella of managing the company’s operations in an ethical and responsible manner. 

3.3 Business pillars

1) Responsible development of relations with customers

Development of relation with customers based on fair practices, transparency and openness to sensitive customers.

The business objective will be supported by CSR objectives:

a) customer service in accordance with the highest standards, combined with high financial efficiency,

b) education of customers on efficient use of energy,

c) policy and actions taken with regard to sensitive customers;

2) Reduction of impact on the environment

Continuous efforts to increase the share of energy from renewable sources, reduction of emission of pollutants into the air and care for biodiversity.

The business objective will be supported by CSR objectives:

a) efficient consumption of energy,

b) increase of the share of energy generated from renewable sources,

c) supporting research and investment in favor of sustainable development,

d) reduction of emission of pollutants into the air;

3) Development of distribution activity

Continuous efforts to increase the public’s access to energy and improvement of reliability and security of supply.

The business objective will be supported by CSR objectives:

a) increase of access of customers energy supplies,

b) reliability and security of energy supplies.

3.4 Supporting pillars

1) Care for employees and their security

Development of a workplace that is friendly and safe for employees and their engagement through different forms of dialogue and communication.

The supporting objective will be executed through CSR objectives:

a) continuous reduction of the number of accidents at work and improvement of efficiency of the tools used in communication with employees,

b) ensuring balance between private life and professional life of employees,

c) increase of employee satisfaction and engagement;

2) Responsibility to local communities in which we operate

Supporting the communities in which ENERGA Group Companies operate and developing social partnerships and assessment of the effectiveness of conducted activities.

The supporting objective will be executed through CSR objectives:

a) strategy of supporting local communities in response to their needs,

b) development of cooperation with social partners,

c) evolution and continuous improvement of efficiency of social activities.

Responsible management

Management based on ethical assumptions and commitments to transparency and openness to dialog is the plane that combines all the organization’s business pillars and supports the CSR Strategy.

Management objectives entail the following:

1) implementation of a code of ethics in all ENERGA Group companies,

2) regular corporate social responsibility reporting,

3) dialogue and involvement of stakeholders in assessment of the activities and the ENERGA Group’s CSR reporting process,

4) taking into account CSR issues in supply chain management.