Construction of a CCGT plant in Grudziądz scheduled to start this year

CCGT Grudziądz, an Energa Group company, selected the general contractor for a CCGT unit with a net power output of approx. 560 MW. Activities are to commence already this year. The Grudziądz power plant, scheduled to be put into service in 2025, will be one of the most advanced facilities of its kind in Europe. It will be an important part of the expansion of the ORLEN Group’s energy segment based on renewable energy sources, small nuclear reactors and low-carbon gas-fired power generation.

The ORLEN Group is building a modern and low-carbon energy segment that will increase Poland’s independence and security. Development of gas power generation, combined with growing production from ORLEN Group’s own sources, is a guarantee of stable and economical production. In Grudziądz, with the cooperation of proven partners, a modern CCGT unit will be built, complementing the portfolio of renewable energy sources being developed at the ORLEN Group”,  says Daniel Obajtek, President of the PKN ORLEN Management Board, temporarily acting as President of the Energa Management Board.

In light of the challenging situation faced by the entire power industry, which is attributable to the EU climate policy, the current technology landscape as well as some other factors, gas sources are expected to act as a stabiliser for the Polish electricity system. Owing to high flexibility, they can be used to balance out renewable energy sources, whose output depends on weather conditions.

“In the coming years, in view of the transition of the Polish energy sector, we should expect a continuing increase in installed renewable energy capacity, where output depends on hydrological conditions, sunlight or wind conditions, and not on customer demand. Therefore, in order to balance the variable output from renewable sources with existing demand, it will be more and more important, for the sake of safe operation of the National Electricity System, to ensure low-carbon generation assets enabling output control, such as the planned CCGT plant in Grudziądz”, says Marcin Małek, President of the Management Board of CCGT Grudziądz Sp. z o.o.

The CCGT unit in Grudziądz will play an important role in ensuring the energy security of Poland. In December 2021, a 17-year capacity market contract was signed with the Transmission Network Operator, with first supplies planned in 2026. The power plant in Grudziądz, scheduled to open in 2025, contracted 518 MW of capacity in total. During the performance of the Contract, it will earn PLN 3.52 billion in revenue as a minimum.

The investment project will be implemented by a consortium of Siemens Energy Global GmbH & Co KG, Siemens Energy Sp. z o.o. and Mytilineos S.A. The technology to be used in the construction of the unit in Grudziądz will be one of the most advanced solutions available on the market. The planned CCGT unit will be characterised by high efficiency, more than 60 percent under nominal conditions, high availability and flexibility of operation.

“We are excited to cooperate with the ORLEN Group for the second time in the construction of a power plant and delivery of a highly-efficient CCGT unit. The power plant in Grudziądz definitely marks an important milestone in the decarbonisation of the energy sector in Poland and will result in a considerable reduction of CO2 emissions. The technology delivered by Siemens Energy will enable co-firing of a gas and hydrogen mixture, and eventually switching to hydrogen only, which will ensure the security of supply for the Polish electricity system”, emphasises Grzegorz Należyty, Vice President for Eastern Europe and Managing Director at Siemens Energy Polska.

The construction of the CCGT unit is also important for the community. Large investment projects like this one are a key economic driver, creating new jobs and tax inflows to the local budget.

“This is definitely going to be the largest investment project in Grudziądz. It offers our town an opportunity for continued strong growth. It will certainly mean high inflows to the budget from property taxes, estimated at more than ten million zlotys per month. But this is also a chance for local companies that may take part in the project as subcontractors, and later on dozens of high-skilled jobs will be created. Importantly, a new road layout is also planned in connection with this project”, says Maciej Glamowski, the Mayor of Grudziądz.