Grounds for the determination of a different amount of the fixed remuneration for the Members of the Management Board of Energa Wytwarzanie S.A.

Energa Wytwarzanie S.A. acts as the Lead Entity of the Generation Business Line, comprising six generation and supporting companies. As the Lead Entity, Energa Wytwarzanie coordinates the Group's activities in the following areas:

  • generation of electricity from renewable energy sources (RES);
  • generation of electricity and/or heat in a baseload power plant, combined heat and power plants, and heat plants;
  • transmission and distribution of heat;
  • provision of system services;
  • provision of supporting services, e.g.: upgrade and maintenance services.


The Company is active in the area of RES electricity generation and provides system services, manages the largest Polish continuous-flow Hydro Power Plant in Włocławek, 44 small hydro power plants located mainly in northern Poland. Energa Wytwarzanie also manages the Pumped-Storage Power Plant in Żydowo, which, like the Hydro Power Plant in Włocławek, is an important part of the national power system. Additionally, the company operates five wind farms located in northern Poland with a capacity of 211 Mwe. The annual electricity generation from 112 wind turbines at the company's farms is approx. 430 GWh. Energa Wytwarzanie also operates two photovoltaic plants in Gdańsk and Czernikowo with the total installed capacity of approx. 5 MW.

In the case of Energa Wytwarzanie SA, there arose the grounds set out in Article 4(3) for determining a different amount of the fixed element of the remuneration of the members of the company's management board. It is permitted to determine a different amount of the fixed element of the remuneration in special circumstances concerning the Company or the market in which it operates; in this case the circumstances concern the Company because there is a risk of loss of unique competencies, in particular if applicants from the local market are recruited.